Sunday, July 8, 2012

Making Peace With The Ghosts of Our Past

Today I heard the song that played
The night I met my future wife
But now that she is dead and gone
That song cuts me like a knife

Of course painful memories hurt us all
But sometimes good ones hurt the most
There must be someplace I could go
Where I’m not haunted by her ghost

It’s not just her memories that haunt me
But those of other friends I’ve lost
So many glorious days I’ve had
But why must now I pay the cost?

I feel good memories should be cherished
Instead of avoided like the plague
But nostalgia can feel like an evil curse
So for simple peace of mind I beg

Perhaps I’m simply oversensitive
To everything that time will take
And memories are just reminders
That I own nothing that can’t break

But I must find a way to stop my ghosts
From letting me move on
Life’s too short to get depressed
Every time I hear a song

So I listened to that song again
But this time I let the ghosts appear
Instead of fighting back the image
Out of anger, hurt, and fear

I saw the ghosts of who we were back then
One of her and one of me
But instead of cursing them for their return
I wished them well and set them free

Although I knew their paths would soon diverge
I had to believe they would cross once more
In another life and another place
Wonderful reunions are in store

Perhaps ghosts just seek acknowledgement
We all have pasts we cannot save
But although paths diverge and people die
Our souls exist beyond grave