Saturday, June 9, 2012

The End of You Missing Me

I don't think that anything
Will ever hurt me as bad
As the end of you missing me
It's like I'd never really lost you
Until the moment of realization
That I never cross your mind
And I prayed every night for a year
"Please don't let him him forget me"
But you forgot me
And sometimes I feel
If I don't exist in your thoughts
Then I don't exist at all
I used to be
Your first call
And I can't get that back
No I doubt I'll never recover
From falling out of your mind


  1. Nice. You could have to refine your writing. I am not saying that you are not doing well. But I seek more improvement.

  2. I love your poems, Kara. They are speaking for my inarticulate emotions right now. Thank you.

  3. Your words are powerful, Kara. They touch the soul with an immediacy that only true poets can comprehend. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Fantastic,as earlier ones I read were. Like the simple depth you achieve,Kara. Can't criticize, because I like it too much.

  5. Thanks so much! Glad you like them!

  6. Heart-breaking and honest; this would be a great piece at a spoken word event. Really good. :)

  7. i love all your words,want to read more and more your poems !you're a amazing writer !

  8. Loved it. A terrible moment is that, indeed. The moment we think of each other is the definition of "present"

  9. Hi...Speaking from experience as someone who has lived a long time...People actually do die without you in their memory. I am reasonably positive about this. :-)More important for you is who you keep in memory.

  10. Hi Kara,
    It almost looks like you are speaking my real life account through your words. Poignant, succinct and brutally honest.
    Thank you for sharing it.