Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Saddest Thing

What would be the saddest thing?
To die without scars?
To miss all the best sunsets
Because all are too busy attending
To unimportant matters?
To never kiss in the snow?
Or dance in rain?
Will I regret the pain?
Or the avoidance of it?
Is the saddest thing to settle
For your heart's second choice
To be your life's companion?
Or to not realize
That one can rarely grow
Without overcoming the fear
Of being alone?
Is the saddest thing to understand
Too late
That it costs something
To be who you are?


  1. Lovely work, thank you for sharing it.

  2. wow This is wonderful hard hitting but true thank you

  3. LITTLE MORPHINE! autumn is
    here and the old town clock is
    chiming to a wintery hymn. The
    warm summer yesterday is gone
    and the sun has dimmed its shine.
    The night is long and the day is
    just a glass of wine. Some lonely
    people i kno feel it a bit more,in
    spine! The cold is takin its toll on
    the poor and swine! Those tired
    bones are achin and
    breakin...easy now....little