Saturday, June 2, 2012

Maybe I Should Have Cried

Maybe I should have cried
Maybe then you would have known
How much your leaving hurts me
How could you leave me on my own?
Maybe I should have shook my head
When you asked if I'd fine
Instead of promising I'd survive
A life without you mine
Maybe I should have blocked the door
And pleaded that you stay
Instead of just pretending
I wanted it this way
Maybe I should have spoken up
And tried to change your mind
Does this mean you never loved me?
How could I be so blind
And it probably wouldn't have mattered
If I'd begged you not to run
But at least I'd know then what I did
Was all I could have done


  1. A very moving poem...really enjoyed it! :-)

  2. words speaks with themselves, you just translated my emotions, my suffers. everything. thank you