Monday, September 3, 2012

The Version of You That Loved Me

I've learned all too well
That there are many versions of ourselves
Multiple characters that we play
Depending on where we are
In space, in mind, in time
And like the sky changes
We too change
From one version of ourselves to another
And so I justed wanted to ask you
Before you leave for good
What ever happened
To the version of you that loved me?
Is it still there somewhere
Waiting for a better day?
Or did I kill it off somehow
By my cruelty and my lies?
You know that I'd give anything
To have that version of you back
But I've just got a feeling
It just doesn't exist


  1. Pretty deep Kara... :)

  2. You should re-write the version of you that drove that version of him away :( I am truly sorry for your pain... it really sucks to be sad.

  3. sadly beautiful in write. n you know what .. that person just wasn't the one if you have to result to lies n such with someone they weren't open in the first place to you I figure.. bee kind to yourself n healing thoughts for you b x

  4. yes it is still there exists somewhere for you waiting for you ..
    to be with u for any good reason

  5. where have you been all my lıfe