Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Color Is Starting To Fade (from a special guest poet!)

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Your Color is Starting to Fade

Everytime I try to look at your face;
I can’t help myself, I need to look away;
No… I have come to learn that it’s not hate;
It’s my need to move away from you;
To avoid hurting my soul again;
To avoid being held hostage by your soul;
You used to make me feel safe;
And now I’m staring in to a black hole;
No one can see anything, no one can escape.
Forgive me, for I have sinned in your presence;
My soul is not as innocent as it seems;
Yes… I have had a taste of pleasure;
In seeing you suffer, bent on your knees.
Because I can’t bring my self to forget;
That horrid moment when he decided to take me away;
You enjoyed that he made me suffer;
My soul lost in his shadows, ever since that day.
I am the fear;
And I fear myself;
I am my only salvation;
Yet I can’t seem to forgive or forget.
Forgive me my red rose;
For I am going to throw you away;
Your color is no longer red enough to remind me;
That tommorow will always be a new day.
Forgive me my red rose;
As your petals fall away ;
All the memories we shared;
Carved inside of my heart;
Always on my tongue, always on display.
One by one, they fall around me in circles;
They don’t want me to leave, but I can no longer stay;
The past is keeping me from believing;
I have nothing left to wait for;
You are no longer red;
You can no longer stay.

1 comment:

  1. A deftly moody work! It gracefully moves from hurting to healing to freedom all at once.
    Where it shines: I like the lines "I am the fear; And I fear myself;"
    Where it needs work: A word count would look great!
    May You Reach All of Your Writing Goals,
    Cullie Decker